In 2013, a group of co-workers from a local pet store got together over some drinks at a local restaurant and dreamed up the idea of running their own premium fish store. After finding the ideal location, making all the necessary connections (and sacrificing countless hours of blood, sweat and tears) The Fish Crew officially celebrated its Grand Opening in February 2014. Our retail store is somewhat of a hidden gem in the city of Fort Collins, with a mission of sharing the wondrous possibilities of aquarium keeping with our beloved community.

Here at The Fish Crew, we believe that aquarium keeping is more than just a hobby; It’s a lifestyle! With over 120 years of combined experience, our knowledgeable and passionate crew is here to assist and educate anyone who has or wants aquatic pets in their life. Possibilities can range anywhere from simple, planted freshwater tanks to elaborate, large saltwater reef ecosystems. We have everything you need to create, and maintain, a fun and exciting piece of living art that you and your fish will enjoy.


Aquarium keeping can be simple, complicated, and anything in between. We’re here to help anyone and everyone establish a happy and healthy aquarium. We educate our customers on the importance of water quality and encourage thorough water testing. In addition, we’re here to answer questions on proper tank size, appropriate tank mates, adequate filtration, lighting, and diet, etc. We also offer aquarium service for those who prefer the benefits of an aquarium without the work. Our goal is to spread the joy and beauty that a successful aquarium can bring, and we hope that our customers love their aquariums as much as we do!