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Best Team in the world....... blaa blaa something something
Store Manager
I am Matt. I have been doing this fish stuff way too long. You all know me from many many stores ago! Thank god I never got all those store logos tattooed on my body. PS… If you wan tgood discounts–Bring Beer! This is a joke and just a test to see how much text I can fit into the box. ;)
Assistant Store Manager (Assistant to the Store Manager)
I have been working in the aquarium industry for 8+ years. I have a Bachelor\’s in Biology & Bachelor\’s in Animal Science. I have a freshwater planted tank and saltwater reef tank. I love helping people create their own aquarium designs. I enjoy learning about new equimpent and helping people solve problems.
Aquatic Specialist / Water Management
Do we sell underwater goats? Now I have seen goatfish, but they dont look like that!!!!
Aquarium Service
Aquatics Manager
\”Little John\”
The New Kid
Cousteau the Clownfish
The Mascot
Seachem Platinum Plus Dealer
We are a Platinum Plus Dealer
As a Platinum Dealer every employee at The Fish Crew has attended a training course at Seachem. This two-day courses encompass a broad range of information on the chemical and biological interaction of Seachem products in aquaria. Seachem Laboratories was founded with the simple concept of producing innovative, quality products that perform as advertised.


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