Sera Shrimp Mineral Salt 105g


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Minerals and trace elements for invertebrates
Minimizes molting problems
Improves the reproduction rate
Supports a healthy growth
Strengthens the immune system
Enhances R/O water poor in minerals

Shrimps and other water inhabitants take up a part of their essential minerals and trace elements, not via their food but directly via the water. However, aquarium water does not contain many of these essential substances in sufficient amounts.

sera shrimp mineral salt provides all important trace elements as well as valuable calcium magnesium and potassium in a directed way. The effectively avoids molting problems and reliably closes supply gaps.

Recommended dosage

Sprinkle 0.17 oz. (5g/one level teaspoon) sera shrimp mineral salt for every 5.3 US gal. (20 l) of water once weekly. The dosage can be increased in case of high mineral requirement or original water low in minerals (including R/O water). A single dose increases the GH by 6.5¡dGH at the average. The KH remains unaltered.


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